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What are the Best Bath Towels to buy – Simplest ways to pick out the Perfect Towel

Guide to select Best Bath Towel

Stepping out of the shower after an indulgent bath, wrapped in at perfect cozy cuddly towel can make you feel like you’re straight out of a spa! And getting the best bath towel ensures that. Bath linens are one of the most essential bath accessories in any household and also the most underrated. When it comes to Indian household, they have a countless purpose.

Best Bath Towels

6 Ways to Select Best Bath Towels

Selecting a best bath towel is not only a necessity but is also a lifestyle choice.

Towels may not be something you give much thought to at the time of purchase, but they are an investment you make for your home. From drying our hands after using the washroom to drying ourselves after a shower, towels play a significant role in making our life easier.

With comfort to enhance your bathing experience and colours to accentuate your bathroom décor, Bath Towels comes in a variety of sizes, styles, material, thread counts, and so on. Selecting the perfect bath towel might become overwhelming, so here we are providing you a complete and comprehensive guide to choosing a long-lasting bath towel. Investing in a luxury bath towel set is always a smart idea.

Factors to consider in while shopping for a towel

A best bath towel is the one that feels soft on your skin, and absorbs water and dries off quickly. To make the right choice, it’s important to understand the different varieties and options available in the market. Let’s look at each of them in detail and see which one might be the perfect fit for you.

Which one is the right for you?

Selecting a bath towel is a matter of personal preference, but if you are still not sure which one to choose, here are some of the factors to consider before selecting

  1. Purpose – Type of Towel
  2. Choosing the right Material & Fabric
  3. Towel Construction & Manufacturing
  4. Size & Weight
  5. Washing requirement
  6. Designs & Visual Inspection

Purpose for different Types of Towels:

“I just want a towel!” you might say when you go shopping for a towel. However, you might not realize there are variety of towels based on their size, available for different intended use.

The foremost important criteria while selecting the best bath towel is its intended purpose. The purpose might be using the towel at home or gym or at a beach. For use at home, you might need a really big fluffy towel to keep warm after a shower.

While for carrying it in the gym, you might want to a consider a light weight easy to fit in your gym bag. Gym or beach towels are specifically made for outdoor use and are much thinner than your average bath towel. So if you travel a lot and like to carry your own bath towels, then you would want to opt for lightweight, pure cotton bath towels that dry in a blink.

But if you want a more luxurious feel, choose a bath sheet. Its larger surface perfectly wraps you around while you lounge by the pool or by the beach, as compared to a bath towel.

Types of Towels

Read on to understand the main types of towels and what are they typically used for.

  1. Bath Towels
  2. Gym Towels
  3. Face Towels
  4. Hand Towels
  5. Wash Clothes
  6. Bath Mats

Bath Towels

Bath Towels are normally what we envision when we first think towel! They are majorly used to wrap yourself when you are getting out of the shower, or the pool, the spa or even at beach. The primary use of bath towel is dry our body after coming in contact with water. The common sizes available are 70cm x 40cm however they are also available in variety of other dimensions.

Gym Towels

Extremely moisture absorbing, gym towel is something you cannot do without if you are a regular gym person. Look for cotton fabrics, microfibre or modal to ensure a sweat-free, high-on-hygiene gym session.

Face Towels

Small then bath towels and bigger than hand towels, Face Towels are mid-size towels, specifically used to dry your face after every wash. It is ideal to have a separate face towel to ensure maintaining an unparallel hygiene. And remember not to share your towels. Apart from this, it can also be used as gym towel, salons, spa, etc. They also come in variety of different materials like Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton etc.

Hand Towels

As the name suggests, hand towels are small towels, usually used to drying hands. Hand towels are small-sized, super absorbing, and portable towels that are typically placed near the sink where it is easily accessible throughout the day for drying hands after washing them.

Apart from using hand towels for bathrooms and restrooms, they can be used for other purposes too. You can use hand towels while playing sports or even while cleaning the kitchen. Choose different qualities as per your purpose. For eg, if you are using hand towels while playing sports, opt for a softer towel. If you are using hand towels in the kitchen, get a highly absorbent towel. While separate face towels and kitchen towels are available in the market for these purposes, a hand towel can also do just as well.

Wash Clothes

Wash clothes are smaller than hand towels usually in square shape in sizes no larger than 40cm X 40cm. They are mostly used as rags in kitchens, and also comes in variety of materials. Because of its intend of use, they are less common to find in high quality or premium fabrics like Turkish or Egyptian cotton.

Bath Mats

Bath Mats are generally used on the floor outside of showers, baths or spa and are designed to help prevent from slipping when we are still wet from the shower. They are often thicker than other towels and feature a non-slip material on the underside of the mat to prevent it from moving.

Towel Fabric or Material

When it comes to finding best bath towels, nothing is more important than the base of the towel i.e. the material the towel is made of. While it is one of the most important factors to consider while buying the best towel, it is often overlooked.

Material used is essential to determine the towel quality and its longevity. Every fabric differs in terms of absorption, softness, and durability.

Most popular materials for bath towels are Cotton as they are known to absorb and dry quickly, are supremely comfortable and soothing. But all varieties of cotton are not superior. Other potential options are Pima cotton, Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, bamboo and microfiber.

The most premium cotton fabric is Pima cotton, highly used to make soft and luxurious bath towels.

The Turkish cotton bath towels are cozy, soft, and long-lasting.

Egyptian cotton towels are the perfect as luxury towels because the fabric is extremely soft and fluffy.

Bamboo cotton towels is a sustainable alternative to eco-friendly fabric and are also durable, soft and plush.

For cold climatic conditions, thin towels are preferred as they dry up faster. For warm weather conditions, thick towels can be used.

Towel fabric or material

If you are on a budget, don’t focus too much on Egyptian or Turkish Cotton bath towels. Another great option is cotton/polyester blend as they are often less expensive, quick-drying, and more durable.

Choosing the right material will ensure consistent usage so that you don’t have a high towel change rate.

In this section, we will break down the bath towel materials and give you an idea of what makes these materials stand out from the crowd.

  1. Turkish Bath Towels
  2. Egyptian Bath Towels
  3. Pima Cotton
  4. Organic cotton Towels
  5. Pure Cotton Bath Towels
  6. Cotton Rich Bath Towels
  7. Microfiber Bath Towels
  8. Bamboo Bath Towels

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Egyptian cotton towels are made from cotton grown in Egypt. The growing conditions of Egypt favours production of superior quality cotton which features long fibres that is somewhat similar to Turkish cotton. However due to extreme heat and humidity of the Egyptian region, the cotton produced in this region has long, dense and durable fibres. These fibres results in the super soft and durable linens that Egyptian cotton is known for.

Generally, Egyptian cotton have longer, thicker and stronger fibres than their Turkish counterparts. Egyptian cotton fibres also have more texture than their Turkish cotton fibres, which makes them more absorbent. Hence the towels made from Egyptian cotton are fantastic wicking away moisture. However due to the density of these threads, the Egyptian cotton towels are also great at holding moisture in once they become wet.

In application, Egyptian cotton towels are great when you need a highly absorbent towel, and you can provide it a resting place to dry out quickly.

Turkish Cotton Towels

Turkish towels are light, versatile, and quick drying compared to simple cotton bath towels. Turkish Cotton is a variety of cotton that is grown and harvested in Turkey. Because of the specifics of Turkey’s unique climate, the Turkish cotton fibers are longer and stronger. The cotton that grows in Turkey is different from the rest of the world.

In general, the fibers of Turkish cotton are sleek and smooth with little fuzz. They are also quite absorbent. Though their excessive smoothness does detract somewhat from how absorbent they are.

The Turkish cotton towels are strong and quick-drying. Towels constructed with Turkish cotton are, however, a bit less absorbent than their Egyptian counterparts. However, with use and washing the towels over time helps to fluff up the individual fibres making it more softer and absorbent with use.

Pima Cotton Towels

Pima cotton is grown in the southwestern U.S. and is the same variety of cotton as Egyptian. It is similar to that of Egyptian cotton and it is a great alternative to regular cotton towels.

Organic Cotton Towels

Organic towels made from Organic Cotton fibre is rapidly gaining popularity amongst the consumers as it is more sustainable. These towels are produced, processed and manufactured using organic production systems without use of any toxic chemicals right from the growing cotton till the finished products. The complete organic manufacturing process also allows cotton fibres to withhold a long-lasting strength.

The natural fibres in organic cotton towels feel more softer and gentler as they retain their natural values. As they do not contain any harmful chemicals, you won’t have to take stress about it damaging your skin. By buying organic cotton towels you are also supporting green, sustainable products and supporting organic farmers

Organic Cotton Fabric

Click here to learn more about organic cotton fabric

Pure Cotton Bath Towels

Cotton is one of the most popular fiber choice for many for the best bath towels. Its fiber are durable and resists fading. A Pure 100 percent cotton is the softest and most absorbent choice. Everyday towels are made using short-staple cotton fibers and are soft, strong and relatively inexpensive. Everyday towels made using short-staple cotton fibers are soft, strong and relatively inexpensive.

Microfiber Bath Towel

Microfiber bath towels made from synthetic fibres are highly absorbent, very durable, though not as soft as cotton.

Bamboo Bath Towel

As the name suggests, Bamboo Towels are made from fibres derived from bamboo plants. You are in for a treat if you have never used bamboo towels. They are plush and comfortable, color-fast, and quick-drying, and they provide everything you could possibly need to complete the ideal shower. They are hypoallergenic and excellent for skin that is delicate.

The bamboo towels are odor free because of their quick drying qualities. Swap out cotton towels for bamboo ones for a better experience. In comparison to cotton towels, bamboo fibre towels are three times more absorbent. Any bathroom design will look better thanks to the silky bamboo towel’s subtle colours.


Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Super soft and ultra-smooth
3x more absorbent than cotton
 Ultra compact and space saving
Quick drying
Odour-resistant Pure 100% organic natural fibres
Ideal for bath, travel, beach, pool, spa, yoga and sarong
Apt for daily use

Which towels are better – Turkish Cotton Towels or Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Which towels are better - Turkish Cotton Towels or Egyptian Cotton Towels

Turkish vs Egyptian cotton becomes an intriguing debate, when shopping for best bath towels and linen. Though the climates in both Turkey and Egypt are conducive to high-quality long absorbent cotton fibre, the key difference between Turkish and Egyptian cotton towels is its absorbency and speed of drying. Egyptian cotton are more absorbent and slower to dry.  While Turkish cottons are slightly less absorbent but quick to dry.

Both the towels are of superior quality and great choice, however the selection amongst these two would boil down to your specific application and kind of climate that you intend to use the towels in. So be assured when selecting amongst the two, know you will be receiving a superior product no matter what.

Towel Construction & Manufacturing

After you have narrowed down on the type of towel, and before deciding on the material, you need to understand the construction of the towel. The construction of your towel is probably the next most important factor, apart from material of the towel.

The technology used to construct or weave play a very significant part to determine the quality of the towel. It determines the texture of the towel. Below are the methods in which towels are construction

  1. Combed Cotton: Combed cotton are super soft, plusher and pill resistant as only long threads of cotton are used to make towels. The smaller threads and other debris is combed out of the fabric while weaving leaving only the longest, strongest fibers in the finished product, making them extra soft.
  2. Ring spun Cotton: In ring-spun cotton method, long and short fibres are tightly spun and twisted together making the towel loop strong and smooth for a luxurious feel.
  3. Terry: Popular towel construction of weaves are terry cloth, waffle weave and combed cotton. Terry Cloth is super soft and absorbent, usually woven with cotton or cotton blends consisting of many protruding loops of threads. This is what makes towels distinct from other fabrics giving its well-known feel. These loops allows towels to absorb greater amounts of water than other kinds of fabric.
  4. Waffle: Waffle weave, due to its honeycomb like structure is thin and quick absorbing and quick drying.
  5. Twist: In this method the loop’s yarn is twisted to construct the towel. A high twist is more durable and a low twist increases surface area making the towel plusher and more absorbent.

There are various other types of weaves having its own special quality. A small tip if you are looking for super soft towels, look for towels that have been advertised as having been ‘combed’.

Size & Weight

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a towel is the weight of the towel. The weight of the towel is usually measured in terms of GSM (Gram per Square Meter) and depends on the size and fabric. In short, a towel will be thicker if the GSM is high, and thin if the GSM is low.

Light towels may weigh anywhere from 300-400 GSM. A standard towel weighs from 400-600 GSM and while luxury towels weigh more than 600-900 GSM.

The heavier the towel, the more absorbent it is, and the more time it takes to dry.

Best quality towels have higher GSM and are extremely absorbent, fluffy, and long-lasting. If you are looking for a luxurious experience, go for a bath towel with high GSM.

Washing requirements

It’s important that you launder your bath towels after three use, hence while selecting a towel make sure your washing machine has sufficient space to wash them. A relatively small towel, can easily be washed in any washing machine. However, for larger bath towel, make sure your washing machine has enough space to wash it, or if you’re willing to send it to dry cleaning every week, it’s good to go!

Designs & Visual Inspection

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to design. There are many options available in stripes, print or solid colors. Choose design and colors that are long lasting and durable. While buying do keep in mind, the bathroom colour, room colour, and personal colour choice for more aesthetically appeal towel. For summers, warm colours are more suitable. In winters cool colours tend to look better. White towel is timeless and an excellent choice for all seasons.

Also don’t forget to check the finishing of the towel. Make sure the edges are neatly folded and secured with close, secure stitching which prevents fraying and can help extend the towel’s life. Also these are a sign of good quality craftsmanship.

The Benefits of High-Quality Towels

High-quality towels are an investment for your home and well-being. Best Bath towels are made from premium cotton and are comfortable, super absorbent with superior softness. They dry fast, preventing mold and bacteria from growing on them. Towels that are well made won’t shed and remain fluffy wash after wash.

Towels are also part of your daily skin and body care routine. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from any skin or eye conditions, it is important to choose breathable cotton towels of medium weight. It will help you maintain a healthy and germ-free routine.

Moreover, high-quality bath towels adds that 5-star resort look to your bathroom and make your post-shower routine feel like a luxury spa experience.

Benefits of high-quality bath towel
Image by Positive_Images from Pixabay

Selecting the bath towel is a matter of personal preference, but picking the best one makes a big difference. For a super soft, ultra-absorbent towel, look for 100% cotton with dense, plush loops of yarn on the surface.

If you are looking for a towel that’s quick-drying and more durable, consider a cotton-poly blend or a lighter fabric with a low pile (short loops). Towels with Fluffy loops feel soft and absorb more water, but they take longer to dry and may show more wear from laundering.

Don’t Judge a Towel by its touch and feel for softness. Almost any new bath towel will feel soft. Manufacturers may put finishes on towels to make them feel soft and the coating will come off in the wash. Only the one made with best material and highest quality standards will maintain that plush feeling for many wash cycles.

That is why we recommend follow the advice on this guide while shopping for bath towels, rather than on how they feel in the store!

Hope with the help of this article, you are well on your way to finding the best bath towels that will stay that way for years to come. Happy shopping!

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